Poor quality power is one of the main reasons for intermittent and niggling IT problems.  Many issues which seem to be software or network related are in fact caused as a direct result of bad power services.  Often, despite careful planning and expensive environmental systems such as UPS’s, problems can still exist.  

A power survey can look at the quality of the power supporting your Technology Room.  The survey is designed to look at all elements of your power infrastructure and the quality of power supplies to assess whether a problem exists and if so where.  

The result of the survey is a comprehensive report detailing the readings collected, their significance to your IT systems and the results of the observations taken.  Where problems are identified, recommendations are made with potential courses of action needed to eliminate them.  And if your power comes out with a clean bill of health, you can be confident that whatever issues you may have, the quality of your power will not be a factor. 

A typical power survey may include: 

Visual checks on your Electrical Installation 

  • Electrical wiring conformity and earthing
  • Phase displacement and load balance
  • Input power: Availability and Capacity 

Electrical Supply Monitoring (typically 7 day monitoring period) 

  • Normal & Common Mode Noise
  • Neutral - Earth Voltages
  • Earth Currents
  • Wave Form
  • Frequency
  • Harmonic Distortion
  • Voltage Surges / Sags

A Written Report 

  • Findings from the visual and monitoring survey
  • Problems and ‘out of specification’ operating conditions
  • Recommendations to eliminate any problems 

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