IT Rack Power Survey

Understanding the power loads of individual IT racks and the PDU’s within them is an important requirement for any data centre manager.  It allows rack power loads to be analysed to ensure sure they are not overloaded and resilient PDU configurations are not compromised.

There are many solutions available on the market to provide rack power monitoring, of which END2END supply many of the leading manufacturers products.  However, these solutions can often be difficult to implement due to the limited availability of downtime or insufficient budgets to monitor all your IT racks.  

An END2END Rack Power Audit

The END2END rack power audit service is designed for any IT or Facilities department who need a better understanding of the rack power loads within their computer or comms rooms.  The service consists of a non-invasive survey of the IT racks installed, including measurements of voltage and current for all rack power supplies.  This information is then recorded and presented back to you via a report detailing actual power readings for each rack and identifying any problem or 'at risk' areas. 

By obtaining a snap shot of your current rack power usage, we can provide you with an understanding of how your racks are performing and where necessary, identify solutions to any identified issues.

A one off or regular audit service will provide:

  • A snap-shot of current rack power loads
  • Non-disruptive power monitoring of racks via clamp on sensors
  • Monitoring capability up to 32Amp single phase
  • Monitoring of voltage and current
  • Identification of overloaded racks and power supplies
  • Identification of “At Risk” racks
  • Installation planning information to assist with future equipment deployment
  • A detailed report providing a breakdown of rack power and problematic areas
  • A cost-effective way of collecting power data with no downtime

To discuss how an IT rack power survey can help you, contact END2END.

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