Data Centre Design

A data centre represents a large investment to any organisation both in relation to initial build costs and ongoing running and maintenance.  The importance of getting the design right up front is paramount to ensure it’s built precisely to your needs and can help deliver your businesses IT goals both now and in the future.

END2END Services specialise in Data Centres and Computer Rooms of all different shapes, sizes and budgets.  We have developed a set of 'Best Practices' upon which all our Data centres are designed and built.  It ensures that all rooms, no matter their size or structure, are delivered with excellence built-In and achieve the levels of performance, resilience and energy efficiency required by your business.

Our process allows us to design and create any data centre or computer room, incorporating the many different environmental systems to support the rooms IT systems. We ensure these work collaboratively, providing a seamless solution and deliver the operational performance, resilience and levels of energy efficiency demanded from the solution.

If you have ever tried to design a new room, you will know that there are many layers to comprehend, not just space, but power, cooling, weight loads and energy efficiency. To get the best out of your room, a specific design should be crafted to ensure the build delivers the final solution you are looking for.

At END2END Services, we work with our clients to ensure we design a room that delivers all the essential requirements of your business operational needs. We understand the risks that lie ahead and have created a structured methodology to ensure all information pertinent to the final design are identified and taken into account. 

There is no such thing as 'off-the-shelf' when it comes to data centres; each has to be designed exactly to fit our client’s requirements and the location itself. Our design process takes all of your IT and Business Requirements in to consideration and creates a comprehensive blueprint that fully defines the room to provide you with a solution that will ensure the room meets all your key objectives. 

Whether you require a full and final design or an outline design to go to tender with, END2END can produce the necessary specifications required including: 

  • Location drawings for the data centre and associated plant areas
  • Strip out requirement for the project to clear the required areas
  • Physical Space specification (walls, partitions, raised floor, ceilings, etc)
  • Supporting Technology specification (air conditioning, electrical system, UPS, generators, security systems, fire systems, environmental monitoring, etc.)
  • Workplace Environment specification (material finishes, decoration, branding, etc.)
  • Technology Infrastructure specification (comms and server racks, data cabling, rack PDU’s, rack power monitoring, data centre information management system, etc)
  • Detailed layout, elevation and schematic drawings

END2END design rooms based on our best practices framework; through this we enable rooms to be delivered that meet both industry standards and compliance with all latest trends, technologies and innovations. And because we are non-vendor specific, we provide independent non bias designs to ensure we always provide the best components to suit your application and budgets. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements to understand how END2END can assist you, please contact us.