Annual Audits

As a maintenance client of END2END Services, your data centre environmental systems will already be benefiting from regular service visits. However, we all know that data centres, computer rooms, even small comms rooms deteriorate over time.  To help address these issues and ensure your data centre environment continues to support your IT systems and staff, END2END offer an annual audit service.  

The Annual Audit covers a number of distinct areas and disciplines, which can be used to ensure that your business can continue to operate a ‘highly available’ Data Centre.  The very nature of the services that your Data Centre provides, means that this audit is an essential early warning system.

As a trusted data centre specialist, END2END can perform these annual audits to look at all aspects of the room, providing you with a holistic overview of the status of your data centre environment.  The audit looks at number of specific areas including: 

  • Space utilisation
  • Power and heat load capacities
  • Hot spots
  • Environmental system resilience
  • IT rack loads and resilience
  • Future growth capacity
  • Health and safety risks
  • Operational risks 

The output of the audit is a detailed report on the current condition of your data centre or comms room.  Typical output from an annual audit provides you with a review of: 

  • The current conditions of your room and environmental systems and identification of areas requiring attention
  • The IT equipment installed on a rack by rack level and associated heat and power loads
  • The current capacity usage for power and cooling within the room and an assessment of available spare capacity
  • The rooms suitability to support ongoing IT operations, including resilience levels
  • Health and safety or operational risks identified and mitigation steps required to resolve
  • The operational activities within the room to ensure that they are in-line with Data Centre ‘Best Practices’
  • Recommendation of works or actions required to ensure your data centre is operating at its optimum level 

Added to your maintenance contract, this service can provide valuable information to help your business understand exactly how the data centre environment is performing against stated objectives, and identifies pre-emptive steps to help maintain the environment whilst minimising cost. 

If you feel this annual audit would be an asset to your ongoing Data Centre’s health, please contact END2END for more information.