Computer Room Cleaning

Over time all data centres or technology rooms are impacted by general dirt and contamination.  This contamination takes many forms such as plaster and concrete dust from impact damage, shredded fan belts from air conditioning systems or zinc whiskers on the surfaces of floor tiles.  These forms of contamination, plus many others, build up over time and have a greater and greater effect on the reliability and availability of the systems installed.

Regular or adhoc cleaning of a live working data centre environment is therefore an important element of maintaining any technology room, and yet one which is frequently overlooked.  Whether you have a large data centre, small server or comms room or any other form of technology room, keeping it clean is critical to ensuring ongoing system availability and efficiency.

Effective regular cleaning:

  • Reduces the risk of critical equipment failure due to static discharge or dust contamination
  • Allows equipment to function more efficiently, improving performance and availability
  • Helps protect company assets from depreciation and malfunction
  • Improves working conditions which lead to increased staff morale and productivity
  • Creates a safe and healthy working environment
  • Reflects a company’s values and provides a quality impression to your customers and staff

Our highly experienced technicians understand the risks of working in live IT environments and follow detailed processes for cleaning to help eliminate disruption to your services.  The scope of each clean can be bespoke and designed to meet your needs.

A technical room clean can be tailored to include elements such as:

  • Exterior Equipment Surface Cleaning
  • Raised Floor Surface Cleaning
  • Subfloor Surface Cleaning
  • Ceiling Cleaning
  • Subfloor Encapsulation
  • Anti-Static Floor Finishing
  • Interior Server Cabinet Cleaning

So whether you have a small comms room with two racks or a large data centre with hundreds of rack, END2END can help you.  We provide options for one off cleans or ongoing monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual cleaning schedules to suit your requirements and budget.

For a detailed quote and to discuss your options, contact one of our sales consultants, who will create a tailored solution to meet your requirements.