Tender Preparation and Evaluation 

The creation of any new Data Centre, Call Centre or Technology Room is a major undertaking for any organisation.  Getting it right is essential to ensuring your room meets all of your requirements, including your budget. 

For some organisations, the build requirements start with the preparation of Tender Documents which in itself can be a difficult process.  Clients’ needs to be sure that the right suppliers have provided them with accurate details in their response.  Of equal importance is the need to provide sufficient information to the tendering supplier on which to quote; thus giving a 'level playing field' and ensuring you receive a meaningful and comparative tender response. 

END2ENDs experience allows us to assist many of our clients in developing ‘water-tight' tender documentation, ensuring both a high quality response and one which makes the final marking relatively easy and straight forward.  The final result provides our clients with the ability to quickly select a supplier who can deliver their solution, with the knowledge that what has been proposed in their tender response will meet their requirements. 

A tendering process has two stages where END2END can help: 

Stage 1             Preparation 

END2END helps you prepare technical documentation to support your tender process.  This can range from full designs through to outline specification and could include:

  • Completion of a ‘Requirements Workshops’ with key stake holders to ensure clarity of the final deliverables and the type of tender process to be followed such as:
    • Two stage tender
    • Single stage – Prescriptive
    • Single phase - Flexible
  • Completion of ‘Design’ or ‘Specification Overview’ documentation incorporating either detailed or overview designs specification, drawings, schematics or collation of technical design information to be used in the tender process 

Stage 2             Evaluation 

With all tender responses received, END2END’s knowledge and expertise in the data centre and technology room arena, enables us to assess these responses with a technical eye, ensuring full technical compliance to your specification has been achieved.  An evaluation could include: 

  • Reviewing responses to ensure it delivers the required solution specification
  • Identify any response where responses fail to comply
  • Identify any responses which are close to compliance but which require further clarification
  • Assess marking criteria against responses 

An evaluation by END2END can be particularly helpful when only outline specifications has been issued to a supplier.  Our process can significantly help reduce the risk of awarding a contract to a supplier whose proposal may not meet important specification or performance requirements required from your room. 

If you are unsure how to get started on your tendering process for your new data centre, call centre or technology room or need help with the technical requirements, specification and evaluation, contact END2END to see how we can help.