Call Centre Design

Anyone who has worked in a call centre, or who intends to launch one knows that the physical layout for the operators is just as important as the software applications and training they receive. In the same way that careful selection of your telephony and contact management systems is essential for effective performance, so too is ensuring the correctly applied ergonomics of your workspace.

Whether you are operating a large multi layered call centre, or a one stop helpdesk, the workplace environment is key to successful operational performance.

At END2END Services, we don’t just design call centres. We offer a full range of services to ensure your call centre is a centre of excellence, a core element to your organisations reputation. From planning to implementing, we cover all areas of call centre design.

We understand that every call centre is a hive of expertise, and that workflow plays a major part of the design and layout. Call centres need to reflect fluid team changes and in so doing have an ability to change workspace in a way that is practical and that will continue to motivate its operators in their often stressful roles. Whether that is by designing break out zones, meeting or training rooms we can incorporate functionality into any design.

The END2END design process includes a requirements workshop with key stakeholders to review the business and operational requirements for the centre.  This enables a clear understanding of the project scope and key deliverable objectives to be documented and agreed, from which the call centre facility can be designed.  The design process will produce:

  • A project scope and deliverables document
  • Call centre floor plans
  • A design specification for the call centre incorporating
    • Workplace environment such as furniture layout, branding, PODS, desks, chairs, blinds, high level and low level privacy screens
    • Technology infrastructure such as data cabling, monitors, monitor arms, telephony systems
    • Supporting technology such as power, lighting, heating, cooling and access security
  • An outline budget for implementation

If you would like to discuss your requirements to understand how END2END can assist you, please contact us.

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