Work Station Cleaning

We’ve all seen the adverts for the non-touch soap dispenser.  It’s clear that germs are all around us; and although some germs are good for us, many just wreak havoc on our working environment leading to staff sickness and miserable surroundings.

Germs stay on all hard surfaces for weeks and in that time they multiply.  They pass silently from person to person without you knowing until they take hold and the sick days start to impact productivity.

Yet, simple but thorough and regular cleaning of workstations, including phones, mice, keyboards and screens can make a significant impact on reducing your staff absenteeism.

Effective regular workstation cleaning:

  • Reduces contamination and the infection pass rate from surface to human
  • Improves working conditions which lead to increased staff morale and productivity
  • Creates a safe and healthy working environment
  • Improved longevity of equipment
  • Reflects a company’s values and provides a quality impression to your customers and staff

We know that call centres are busy places, often operating 24 hours a day.  In that time, staff rotate using the same equipment and space as each other.  With even the cleanest of personnel, flakes of skin, broken hair, dust, food crumbs, grease and germs will accumulate over time. It doesn't sound like a pleasant environment.

Our highly experienced team understand the need of your work force and their busy environment.  Using environmentally friendly cleaning products, computer keyboards, screens, mice, head sets, and phones can be cleared of germs and contamination.

Utilising high pressured air, anti-static wipes, environmentally friendly chemicals and tools, we can provide a cleaning regime designed to meet your needs and timescales.  A typical clean involves:

  • Removing static, dust, grease and grime from your workstation area
  • Thoroughly clean and remove contamination from keyboards mice, monitors, desk top computers and hand sets
  • Sanitisation of keyboards and telephones to remove e-coli, salmonella, listeria and other germs
  • Improving the work station area on average within six minutes

If you would like to discuss your requirements to see how END2END can assist you, please contact us.

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