With the increasing demand for access to information technology and data by business users, changes in the data centre are inevitable.  And yet it's a fact that few changes are ever performed with a holistic view of the entire environment.  The outcome of this are data centres and computers rooms that grow without any real attention to their efficiency or return on investment. 

Businesses are being driven to report on energy efficiency by legislation and a desire to reduce operating costs.  This growing need for power and the rising costs of energy supply creates a significant financial burden on many organisations, which needs to be addressed by all business managers. 

The END2END Energy Efficiency Survey analyses your data centre/computer room and its environmental fabric to find where possible savings can be made.  This could be through:

  • Replacement of technology to improve efficiency
  • Amalgamation of multiple rooms to save on running costs
  • Reconfiguring systems to operate more efficiently
  • Turning off environmental systems no longer needed or oversized
  • Reviewing room layouts and configurations
  • Monitoring specific energy usage to assess the impacts of changes

Reducing Costs and Carbon Footprint

The END2END Energy Efficiency Survey has been designed to help you understand your current energy usage, identify any potential problems and to provide an overall assessment of any cost saving potential; all whilst ensuring that such savings do not impact the optimum operational efficiency of your room. 

The survey will:

  • Identify current energy usage
  • Help you understand your data centres Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) and Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency (DCIE)
  • Identify areas where running costs could be reduced
  • Identify areas where replacement with energy efficient systems and solutions can be implemented
  • Put you in control of your running costs

To discuss how an energy efficiency survey could help you, contact END2END.

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