CFD Modelling

With the push for greater efficiency running data centre power and cooling, Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling (CFD) is becoming an essential tool for many organisation.  

This specialist software used combines numerical analysis and algorithms to solve and analyse airflows.  High performance computers perform the calculations required to simulate the interaction within your room, thus simulating the effectiveness of your data centre cooling.

This form of analysis is gaining popularity, as a tool for providing visual results showing the effectiveness of cooling within data centre environments.  The modelling of the IT and Comms racks, hot and cold aisles configurations, underfloor voids and air conditioning configuration and locations, all help to achieve an optimum environment in which to operate your IT systems. 

CFD modelling can help:

  • Verify cooling performance in your existing rooms
  • Model future changes and growth
  • Identify ‘Hot Spots’ where equipment is receiving inefficient airflow
  • Identify ‘Cold Spots’ where too much airflow is being delivered and wasted
  • Improve cooling to the room
  • Save energy and reduce operational costs

Even from the initial design phase, CFD can be used to evaluate the best air conditioning configuration and room layout.  For some clients, changes in their data centre layouts can have a significant impact on airflow movement.  This is where CFD can be of immense benefit. Whether it is a one off design or the ongoing use and maintenance of your room, the effectiveness of the cooling systems can be verified and amended.  This helps to provide optimum performance; ultimately ensuring energy efficiency of the system is optimised. 

END2END can offer one off or ongoing CFD modelling support to your organisation.  From one off designs, analysis of existing rooms or undertaking planning ‘what if’ scenarios, we can help. 

If you’d like to find out more about CFD modelling services, please contact us.