Installation Planning

The installation of new IT equipment within the data centre is a frequent occurrence.  Whether it’s due to new applications, growth or technology refreshes, the same detailed installation planning processes are required. 

Often you may find yourself having to install new IT technology in your computer room at short notice; only to discover that there doesn’t appear to be enough room, you don’t know the power or cooling requirements and the business needs it done quickly.  Add to that the difficulty in obtaining equipment specifications such as space, weight, power, heat and network connectivity requirements, it can be a very stressful time.  Time you don’t always have. 

END2END’s Installation Planning Service provides the resource and expertise to undertake this work for you.  We evaluate your current computer room layout and structure against your new or future hardware requirements.  We create a detailed and effective installation plan, guiding you through the installation of your new IT equipment. Covering everything from physical equipment siting, power sockets and UPS capacity, to the evaluation of heat load, identification of network point.  We will even assess the delivery access routes in to the computer room, making it a complete installation blueprint!

Installation planning is an adhoc service for your data centre, computer room or comms rooms and can include: 

  • Reviewing physical space and equipment layout strategy
  • Analysis of existing and new equipment power and cooling requirements
  • Identification of installation requirements such as new power sockets, floor tile cut-outs and data cabling
  • Documentation of installation plan including a schedule of all works, CAD floor plans and schematic drawings as applicable
  • Compilation of ‘As installed’ documents issued upon completion 

And the good news is that the ‘As installed’ installation plan can be adapted with little effort to give you the core of an asset management plan, helping you track the asset status of your ever evolving data centre. 

Through our extensive knowledge, we can provide you with a step by step guide to your installation, recommending how your room’s utilisation could be improved.  After all, nobody wants to go through a complicated process of shuffling equipment or organising emergency electrical work every time a new requirement emerges. 

Once your room is laid out efficiently, any future additions will be stress free and require little effort 

If you would like to see how END2END can assist you, please contact us.