IT Equipment Relocation 

Whether you are moving house, or into a new office building the process of packing everything up and finding a secure safe method of relocating your expensive assets can be hard work.  It’s the same for relocating your essential IT equipment. 

END2END Services have strategic partners who specialise in the secure and safe movement of IT servers, switches, rack’s and associated accessories.  Providing a full packing and relocation service with full insured technicians, your computer room can be easily relocated to its new home. 

Our team will decommission and remove all cabling, rack mounted equipment and decant it into a flight safe hard cases.  Once at your new destination, they will unpack, re-rack and recommission the equipment with your new cabling infrastructure following your installation plan.

Clients often feel overwhelmed by the prospect of relocating equipment, but END2END’s experienced team has relocated servers safely into new environments ranging from a few miles to different counties.  Our projects have seen whole call centres, data centres and comms room be seamlessly moved and re-instated within a 24 hour period. 

Regardless of size or complexity, server moves and relocations are handled by a dedicated project manager who controls the move with minimal disruption, safely and securely.  Let our teams provide you with a service that will:

  • Relocate you quickly and efficiently
  • Pack all your IT equipment into lined hard cases, sealed for security and safe transportation
  • Decommission and recommission, once at the new location
  • Reconnect all cabling according to your requirements
  • Get you back up and running with minimal downtime

From moving one rack, to an entire data centre, we have a service that can take the stress out of organising your relocation. 

If you would like to know more about how END2END and its partners can assist you, please contact us.