IT Rack Audit

It’s a fact that IT estates continually grow and change, whether that’s through server virtualisation, technology refresh or development and implementation of new applications to the business.  Whatever the reason, IT Managers have to be constantly aware of the need to accommodate this change.

Understanding which rack contains what application server, storage array or switch, along with its associated power rating, consumption and heat output becomes part of a data centre landscape that needs to be controlled.

END2END’s s IT rack audits detail each item of installed equipment, recording its assigned rack or location and converts this into an easy reference document.  Offering three levels of IT rack audit we cover:

Level 1 Audit
  • Record Rack ID’s
  • Record a list of all equipment installed within rack (Make & Model)
  • Document PDU’s installed in each rack
Level 2 Audit
  • In addition to items in Level 1 provides:
  • Recording of serial numbers for all equipment installed within racks
  • Details number of power supplies per item of equipment
  • Details which IT equipment is connected to which PDU
  • Label PDU’s and plugs
Level 3 Audit
  • In addition to items in Level 2 provides:
  • Details of all cable connections to each item of equipment
  • Traces and details call cables back to source and documents (Optional)

The output of all IT rack audits is a detailed asset list  By tracking and documenting at this level, you can:

  • Stay in control of what equipment you have
  • Understand where each item of equipment is installed
  • Understand potential heat and power loads for each IT Rack
  • Reduce maintenance/support costs for equipment no longer installed

If you would like to discuss your requirements to understand how END2END can assist you, please contact us.

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