Every ‘Technology Room’ is a complex web of interacting systems and the deterioration of any single component can have a significant effect on the environment as a whole.  Just as the human body begins to show symptoms of ill-health before the real onset of any disease; Technology Rooms will to the trained eye, show the tell-tale signs of impending problems.  Recognising these issues early allows proactive measures be taken to ward off any lasting or damaging impact.  These problems can be wide ranging and varied; electrical and earthing problems; air conditioning inadequacies; dust contamination and much more. None need be serious if detected and dealt with promptly.

END2END’s environmental survey examines the environmental fabric of your technology room and assesses its suitability to accommodate the systems, infrastructure and staff for which it was designed.  The survey includes an inspection of the IT equipment, physical space, security, fire system, cabling infrastructure, electrical and air conditioning systems. It assesses everything from the threat of water leaks to the operational and health and safety aspects of the room.  In fact, it reviews all of the areas where a problem could impact your day to day business operations.

The typical survey will include:

  • Assessment of heat and power loads at both a rack and room level
  • Assessment of energy efficiency of the room and identify areas where savings could be made
  • A review of resilience levels against business service level requirements
  • Help identifying causes of Intermittent problems or poor availability
  • Create a roadmap of works required to bring your existing room up to current best practice standards
  • Enable planning for future expansion
  • Health and safety issues and operational risks
  • Areas where improvements could be made
  • Single points of failure or weaknesses within the rooms environmental infrastructure

If you would like to discuss your requirements to see how END2END can help you, please contact us.

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