END2END Consultancy

Some clients know they need a data centre or a facility to house their technology, but simply don’t know where to start.  Or maybe, they know what they need but aren’t sure how to confirm it is being delivered to specification. This is where END2END’s consultancy service can help.

Bringing together all the elements needed to help you as a business understand and define the final design and implementation of your new data centre or technology room, we can help you through every stage of the process.

Whether you are just needing a new site evaluated, a full design ready to go to tender with, or a just assistance with planning changes within your environment, our consultancy services will have a solution to help support you.

Data Centre infrastructures are complex, but at END2END we bridge the gap between M&E and IT, assisting our clients in understanding the integration of the services.  Through the delivery of our data centre life cycle services, we provide related offerings to help you achieve your end goals. 

Our range of consultancy services covers the life cycle of your new data centre or refurbishment project. We provide a wealth of common sense and technical information to help any sized organisation with their decision making processes.  Services such as:

  • Creation of best practice guides
  • Site selection assessment surveys
  • Requirements workshops
  • Full design and advocacy services
  • Tender preparation and evaluation
  • Data centre environmental health checks
  • Capacity and installation planning

Our links with both M&E and IT manufacturers, allows us to keep pace with the latest IT innovations, adapting environmental solutions to meet the ever changing demands of today’s data centres and technology rooms.

If you would like to discuss your requirements to understand how END2END can assist you, please contact us.

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