Capacity Planning

Ongoing capacity planning is an essential discipline required to meet the changing demands of any organisation.  Throughout the life cycle of any data centre or computer room facility, organisations need to ensure their environments and individual racks can support the power and cooling requirements of their IT estate; all whilst also sustaining their required resilience levels. 

Successful data centre designs rely heavily on proper capacity planning; understanding your organisations IT needs, calculating potential power and cooling requirements are in turn used to design the environmental systems that support your IT estate.  By taking into account both your initial proposed IT equipment loads and allowing for future growth, our detailed capacity planning service can enable core infrastructures to be sized to support your growing needs.

Ongoing reviews of your installed IT systems ensures that new environmental systems can be installed as your IT estate expands.  Using keys factors, our planning service can identify where environmental systems can be altered to save on energy costs; essential to any IT Manager looking to reduce carbon emissions.

END2END’s experience in the IT and Data Centre design arena makes us ideally suited to assist you with this process.  Whether part of a design and build project to scope total power and cooling capacity, or an annual review END2END’s consultants can help to assess where your room and rack loads.

Design Stage – Completed as part of a design process or to provide input into a design process, this service will identify required power and cooling capacities for your new data centre, computer room or comms room, providing an assessment on:

  • Current IT equipment to establish initial power and cooling requirements
  • Future IT equipment growth to establish the potential maximum power and cooling requirements
  • Average rack loads to help identify power supply ratings and cooling density requirements

Annual Review – Completed as part of the ongoing evolution of the data centre environment, this service can be undertaken annually to monitor for pending or actual over load conditions within your environment.  We will look for any potential problems with heat and power within the racks or data centre environment providing an assessment on:

  • Power and heat loads at rack level identifying those nearing capacity or overloaded
  • IT power and cooling capacities for the overall room
  • Near future equipment installations planned for your room
  • Recommendations for upgrades to environmental capacity
  • Changes to rack configurations

For clients who wish to have this service as an adhoc review, END2END can also provide a one off service.

If you would like help managing and understanding your room and racks capacity, please contact END2END.

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