Modular Room Builds

Traditional construction of data centres and computer rooms often meant constructing them using brick, block or stud partition walls.  With today’s thermal and acoustic materials being more cost effective and readily available, it is now possible to construct these rooms using clean cut low maintenance modular composite panels. 

Constructed using modular interlock panels, these easy to connect joints provide a secure connection system.  This ensures the room delivers high levels of integrity, thermal and acoustic properties for the constructed walls and ceiling.  The panels are constructed with a PVC laminated steel facing on each side, and either PIR foam or mineral wool rock fibre cores.  This enables fire integrity ratings up to 4 hours, depending on the thickness of the panels, and resistance to water absorption, making them an ideal solution for computer room construction. 

There are significant benefits found in using composite panels for your build project, including the ability to construct both internal and external structures.  Their quick construction process allows considerable reduction to installation times; a must when you are facing time constraints and budget restrictions.

END2END Services experience allows us to build rooms whose resultant structures lend themselves to being easily modified, allowing for future extension when needed; ideal for organisation that are continually evolving and growing their data centre environments.  END2END’s modular computer rooms provide our clients with rooms or facilities that:

  • Reduce build time
  • Reduce contamination risk
  • Reduce costs
  • Can be utilised inside or outside a building
  • Provide easy expansion capability
  • Are low maintenance

Supplied in a standard white finish, modular composite panels can be manufactured in a number of different colours.  This makes them tailorable to meet your specific branding requirements or for externally constructed rooms, where it is necessary to meet the requirement of local planning conditions.

END2END Services have the ability to adapt most designs to utilise a modular composite panel construction solution and have frequently delivered projects to create:

  • Data centres
  • Computer rooms
  • Comms rooms
  • Plant rooms
  • External standalone computer facilities

If you would like to discuss the benefits or scope a potential project utilising composite panel construction, please contact END2END to see how we can help.

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